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Software Services

The system is one of the most effective online marketing opportunities and combines together the core subjects of online marketing. Traffic Generation - Leads Building - Business Automation

Online Marketing

Total Funnel System
    Total Funnel System

    What is the Total Funnel System?

    • After years in the web showcasing calling, Jon Mroz has been lucky enough to work with a huge number of advertisers from over the globe. He perceived what was needing, and what was bringing about new individuals entering into the online entrepreneurial industry to battle. In an exertion to illuminate these issues, he created a total system/ program and properly provided for it the name of "Total Funnel System". The Total Funnel System is a promoting stage that gives clients the alternative to exploit demonstrated and tried showcasing funnels, empowering them to begin a genuine online business without any in advance expenses.

    As a giver to the internet advertising enclosure for quite a while, Total Funnel System maker, Jon Mroz regularly gets posed the question:

    "Why do I need to pay, to gain?"

    • This is an exceptionally normal inquiry from those with the worker outlook. They take a gander at open door as a J.o.b. instead of a speculation in their future. Those with the entrepreneurial outlook comprehend that building organizations regularly accompany start-up expenses.
    • Total Funnel System maker, Jon Mroz needed to consolidation the J.o.b. mindset with the entrepreneurial attitude, giving his parts the capacity to begin an online business WITHOUT the cost. Also to be truly legit – I feel we made an astounding showing with The Total Funnel System.

    Basically, in Step 1, he is putting you (the Total Funnel System part) to work for fortune 500 organizations (like Netflix and Free Credit Report).

    Your Employment Is To:
    1. Enlist as a part to the fortune 500 organization's "free trials".
    2. Publicize for these fortune 500 organizations empowering others to enlist to those organization's free trials too.

    You see, these organizations realize that its truly all a numbers diversion. In the event that they can get enough individuals to attempt their free trials, and they furnish those clients with magnificent items and administrations, a large portion of them will proceed with the administration with them.

    For instance: (a Massively well known feature streaming administration), offers their endorsers a 1 month Free Trial which empowers you to utilize their administrations without ANY in advance installments.

    You see, to Netflix – its a numbers amusement.

    They realize that on the off chance that they can get enough individuals to go for their administration For nothing, definitely some of these free trials will transform into paid memberships when their free trial is up.

    Bode well?

    Our occupation is straightforward – get Netflix more individuals to go for their administrations…  for nothing.

    It's a win/win circumstance:

    Netflix gets the numbers they require, we get the requisitions for conveying them the numbers.

    In this way, despite the fact that not everybody will proceed their trials, these fortune 500 organizations are ready to pay YOU (the Total Funnel System part) to get more clients to their entryway (so to talk).

    You drive the activity to them, and they pay you. It's as straightforward as that.

    You are the publicist.

    Total Funnel System (Beginning)

    • Total Funnel System utilizes a third gathering system called "My Money Freebies Express" and "My Money Freebies Twofold". In step 1 of Total Funnel System, you basically join these 2 systems at no charge. The motivation behind joining these systems is to track your enlistment into the free trials, and they additionally track when your enrollees get needed the free trials also. This guarantees that you get kudos for the information exchange and YOU keep the money.
    • When somebody joins Total Funnel System thru your connection (gave to you when you join) and finishes the enlistment process into the Free Trials thru Step 1 – You Get Paid…  and Snappy! Now and then in as snappy as one hour. Despite the fact that we can't ensure that you will make any salary whatsoever, it is not unprecedented for Total Funnel System parts to gain to the extent that $300 to $500 every day where a portion of the pioneers are acquiring an additional $6,940.00 their first month (pay shifts subject to your exertion). The picture beneath shows a case of only one of the parts who finished the first step.


    Total Funnel System Advertising System

    Upon enlistment into the Total Funnel System, your 100% FREE showcasing system is instantly made accessible to you, and your "connection to push" is shown after logging in. What's more what's incredible – the majority of your showcasing funnels are now made for you. On the off chance that you can round out a short structure on the web, you can do this. When your structure has been finished, you are Immediately furnished with everything recorded underneath…  At ZERO Expense.


    Total Funnel System Advertising System

  • A Profoundly Changing over Lead Catch Page
  • A Completely Stacked Autoresponder Battle To Help Change over Your Guests Into Deals
  • A few On-Interest Webinar Presentations that walk your prospects thru the methodology of finishing the straightforward 3 stage handle in setting up their online business (which puts more trade in for money your pocket)
  • An Exceptionally Changing over Funnel System
  • A Completely Adaptable Back Office that empowers you to include your portrait and contact data
  • The Capacity To Benefit From Different Wage Streams guaranteeing that your pay potential is NEVER topped
  • And the capacity to procure requisitions at ZERO expense to you.

  • Not excessively terrible for a promoting system that doesn't cost you a penny to begin…  right?

    The Total Funnel System Discretionary Steps

    Any great advertising system wouldn't be finished without a back wind up offer. "Gracious, here we go" – I can recently hear it : )

    • In spite of the fact that not compulsory, Total Funnel System provides for its parts the capacity to acquire latent leftover pay with what we have discovered to be the most important promoting, preparing, and instructive items we have found in presence today. This step is nonobligatory, and it is for those that are prepared to take their advertising vocation to the following level. in the event that you choose to move ahead with step 2, you will additionally can exchange these showcasing items, keeping those requisitions also.

    Total Funnel System Final Step

    Step 3 of the Total Funnel System provides the automation aspect to the system. This is where the system “takes over for you” and does the selling and telling for you with complete automation, without any effort from you… once you set it up. Step 3 is also optional but if you decide to proceed with step 3, you will find that you will have your own autoresponder system that reaches out to your prospects thru email on a daily basis.

    Total Funnel System Final Thought

    In conclusion, Total Funnel System is a proven FREE front end marketing system that enables you to earn commissions without ANY out of pocket expenses, ensuring you stay in the green. Optionally, the Total Funnel System gives you the potential to take your online career to the next level, ensuring that your income is never capped by enabling you to earn from the most powerful educational products that we have found online. With the Total Funnel System, you can use a 100% free marketing system with a 100% free way to start earning an income online (without any upfront costs), and optionally expand into a business with a limitless income potential when you decide to invest in the additional steps. It is a process that has proven to work time and time again.

    Our goal with the Total Funnel System is to help people get started in producing an income online without ANY upfront costs, while delivering extreme value, training, products and support.

    • You get the system – 100% free
    • You get expanded capabilities ensuring that your income potential is never capped
    • You get to leverage the branding and experience of a multi-million dollar earner
    • You get to tap into training from people who are producing the results that YOU want to be producing yourself


Software Services

Mind mapping is one of the most ideal approaches to catch and compose your considerations. Free Online Mindmap helps you to discover associations between thoughts and ideas and picture structures. What's more the bright nature helps recollecting the material better.


Free Online Mindmap
  • Zero friction: Access your data anywhere, from any device. Use our free cloud storage for public mindmaps. Store private mind maps on Google Drive, with detailed access and sharing control. All this without the need to register, have accounts or remember passwords.
  • Productive: User interface automatically adjusts to touch displays or desktops/laptops systems. On desktops, all map operations have keyboard shortcuts. On mobile devices, toolbars convert to touch menus and buttons become larger. You can hide all the menus and toolbars to get the most out of your screen and we use HTML5 capabilities to enable you to get the most out of your browser. Smart bookmarks allow you to quickly continue where you left off.
  • Community-driven and Open: MindMup is free, opensource, without any marketing, ads or spam. We built the software for ourselves and we respect our users. Freemind mindmap import/export allows users to easily take maps in and out.
  • Documentation

  • Getting started

  • Keyboard shortcuts

  • Mouse and touch operations

  • Storage options

  • Working with Google Drive
  • MindMup Gold Storage

  • Images and icons in nodes

  • Working with node attachments

  • Custom links between nodes
  • Extensions

  • Realtime collaboration

  • Monitoring progress
  • Straight lines

  • Dropbox

Mind map is a graphical approach to speak to thoughts and ideas. It is a visual speculation device that helps organizing data, helping you to better break down, appreciate, combine, review and produce new thoughts.

In the same way that in every extraordinary thought, its energy lies in its effortlessness.

In a mind map, rather than customary note taking or a direct content, data is organized in a manner that takes after considerably all the more nearly how your mind really functions. Since it is a movement that is both systematic and creative, it captivates your cerebrum in a much, much wealthier route, helping in all its cognitive capacities.

Why would it be a good idea for us to make mind map?

Visualization of data is most ideal approach to examination, to take care of issue, to grow your plans, create the connection between diverse sorts. In straight data overseeing framework it is not straightforward connection data.

Overseeing data outwardly is constantly superior to whatever viable technique. It assists comprehend with by viewing as opposed to memories entire rundown.


Instructions to make a Mind map online?

Assume you have data under control, need to figure out how to it outwardly immediately then it is constantly better to try for online free mind mapping instrument.

To utilize online instrument for mind mapping just need the web association with decent speed else you will feel disappointed. This is bad for your task and temper. So guarantee first you have great web association.

On the off chance that you don't have web association with decent speed, I might want to propose better your draw mind map utilizing pencil and shade pen better. This will likewise improve your rate and correctness.


Profits and Employments

I think I as of recently doled out the profits of mind mapping and why mind maps work. Essentially, mind mapping stays away from dull, direct considering, running your imagination and making note taking fun once more.


At the same time what would we be able to utilize mind maps for?

  •  Note taking
  •  Conceptualizing (separately or in gatherings)
  •  Critical thinking
  •  Concentrating on and remembrance
  •  Arranging
  •  Exploring and combining data from different sources
  •  Introducing data
  •  Picking up knowledge on unpredictable subjects
  •  Running your innovativeness


It is difficult to make equity to the amount of employments mind maps can have – the reality of the situation is that they can help clear up your reasoning in virtually anything, in numerous distinctive connections: individual, family, instructive or business. Arranging you day or arranging your life, compressing a book, propelling a task, arranging and making presentations, written work blog entries -well, you get the thought – anything.


Software Services

3 in 1 SYSTEM Blogging System +
Affiliate Marketing Solution +
Customer Management System =


Viral Blogging System
    Viral Blogging Platform

  • Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Highly Converting Sales Pages
  • Several Stunning Lead Capture Pages
  • Social Media Integration
  • Complete Instructional Manual
  • Step-By-Step Training Videos
  • Training Lessons Work Book
  • Built-In Email Follow Up System and Campaign
  • Customer Management System
  • Team E-mailer
  • Revenue Tracking System
  • Resell Rights
  • 100%

    Commission Pay-Outs for Affiliates
  • Placement On A High Authority, Aged Domain
  • The ability to earn
    /month Commissions, over and over again


Software Services

Free website statistics service which provides full real time statistics with largely extended information. Website Analyzer help the website owners make comparisons between diffrent marketing campaigns.

Web Analytics Tool

Website Analyzer
Website Analyzer
  • Website Analyzer is free webanalytics instrument, which gives full continuous detail with to a great extent augmented data.
  • You are an expert blogger then you must track your every day site guests on the foundation of aggregate volume,differential volume,organic traffic,direct traffic,referring sites and so on in light of the fact that it helps in building a great method with respect to substance creation and it gives accurate thought for composing.
  • Website Analyzer is truly valuable and viable completely free details checker instrument and you can utilize it to investigate movement on your site.
  • Website Analyzer treat is an effective treat and we have not to login over and over every time we begin machine or program, which is great in correlation with other tools, which requires login each time when we restart program and we need to login after workstation restart. It is not difficult to explore Website Analyzer and we can create snappy movement covers the support of distinctive perspectives.


  • 100% FREE , No service limitations (up to 10 MILLIONS hits/day)
  • Full Real time statistics
  • Online visitors ( recent visits, most active visitors, pupular pages, popular referer, geolocation )
  • Referer sites , Search engine , Social networks - stats & trends
  • 2 levels of analysis included : LOG Analyzer (last 20.000 hits , soon will be available a version with 1.000.0000 hits) and Unlimited hourly/daily/monthly analytics
  • IP exclusion
  • Control panel with stats , up to 300 sites per account.
  • Configurable counter options & starting values
  • Fast and solid network 99.99% uptime with more than 1.500.000.0000 hits tracked monthly
  • Geolocation, Browser, Toolbars , Languages , Hardware info - stats & trends
  • Visited urls , Visited page titles/tags , customized events/variables , downloads/clicks - stats & trends
  • LOG features: IP tags, IP tracking, visitors path , maximum detail on each single event on the site, advanced segmentation can also be saved and loaded
  • User Access Management and full privacy control for each site
  • Support via Forum or Facebook
  • Unlimited traffic stats retention ( 10+ years )
  • Invisible or visible (gif or flash) counter

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